The FAC Advantage

Frank Akef & Co. is a full-service tax and accounting firm that goes beyond basic client services to offer you complete solutions that fuel your success. Our professionals work in partnership with you to build a service package that supports your personalized business and individual needs. Choose from an array of options.

Combining Professional Accounting Services and Technology...

Frank Akef & Co. offers the latest technologies designed to provide our clients with continued ease and comfort. Offering convenient, secure web portals, you will enjoy:

Anytime-anywhere online access to your financial documents. Review and print documents whenever needed.

Online Distribution of employee pay stubs and W-2's through secure portals, eliminating costly printing and timely manual distribution of payroll documents.

At Frank Akef & Co., you receive unparalleled tax and accounting expertise, an array of services from which to choose, and the convenience of 24/7 service via web portals.

That's the Frank Akef & Co. advantage!

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Real Time Business Management


Bookkeeping One of the ways we help our business clients is to become their internal accounting department--remotely. We provide professional, consistent, no hassle bookkeeping, using the latest technology available in a virtual environment.

Our clients save money by not having additional employees on staff---requiring paying payroll taxes, health insurance, pension plans, and other employee related costs---we become their internal accounting department, at a fraction of the cost!

Our dedicated bookkeeping staff pays your bills, records your deposits, reconciles your bank accounts, prepares your payroll, and much more...


We take the hassle out of doing payroll. For prices competitive with the national vendors, our service is far superior. You will work with the same Frank Akef & Co. staff-person each time you have a payroll--someone who knows you and how you work; who knows your company and how your company's payroll works. It is our experience that the consistency of this relationship reduces payroll errors.

We offer two payroll services--Paper and Electronic.

Paper Service Fax, e-mail, or call-in your employee hours to our payroll department. We prepare paper checks and your payroll report. We make your payroll tax deposits with federal and state agencies. We prepare your payroll tax returns each quarter and W-2's at the end of each year.

Electronic Service
Fax, e-mail, or call-in your employee hours to our payroll department. Employee checks are direct-deposited into their bank accounts. Payroll reports are uploaded to our secure website (see below for details). Year-end W-2's are also available on our website. Should an employee lose his W-2, simply log-in and print another. We make your payroll tax deposits with the appropriate federal and state agencies. We prepare your payroll tax returns each quarter and W-2's at the year's end.

For more information on our customized payroll program: CLICK HERE

Remote Payment Authorization

Allow us to take over your internal accounting tasks-remotely-and save you both time and money. We provide professional, consistent, no-hassle bookkeeping services within a virtual environment. You save money by eliminating additional staff-which requires paying payroll taxes, health insurance, pension plans, and other employee related costs. Let us become your accounting department at a fraction of the cost!

How does it work? With your authorization, our dedicated bookkeeping staff pays your bills, records your deposits, reconciles your bank accounts, prepares your payroll, and takes care of any other accounting task you wish. You can review activity at any time by logging into your account. We work in partnership with you to make easy, worry-free work of your internal accounting duties. That frees you to concentrate on growing your business.

Online Access

With both Paper and Electronic service, and for no additional cost, you get online access to all of the financial data we prepare. Through our secure website, you get 24/7 access to your data. Simply log-in using your username and password. We are your digital file cabinet. ACCESS PORTAL HERE

Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation & Planning

There are many things a business can do to minimize a tax burden, but none as effective as planning. This is where Frank Akef & Co. thrives. We bring to you extensive experience in the planning and preparation of S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Partnership, and Not-for-Profit tax returns. And each year we focus our continuing education on planning for closely held businesses. It is our goal to introduce you to all pertinent tax planning options to inform your decisions.

Our professionals not only meet the continuing education requirements set by the IRS and State Authorities, but surpass those requirements each and every year. What this means is that the advice you are given at Frank Akef & Co. is accurate, and up to date, and that knowledge is key to tax planning.

Many professionals prepare business tax returns; it's the planning that makes all the difference. Give us the chance to prove to you why many of our clients have been working with us for over 30 years. Please read our page on "Accounting Services" to see which option might work best for you.

Individual Tax Preparation & Planning

Individual tax planning and preparation is the core service of our firm. We believe we can service you better by knowing you personally--this is what differentiates us from other providers. We take the time to develop the trust necessary to give you the best possible service.

While priced competitively with the national tax preparation companies, the similarity stops there.
At Frank Akef & Co., you get:

         -A licensed, experienced tax preparer
         -Consistency-the same team member year-after-year
         -Tax law updates throughout the year to minimize liabilities and maximize opportunities
         -Every possible deduction, every year
         -No hassle, easy e-file service
         -Tax problems resolved quickly (through secure online connectivity with the IRS)
         -Secure, online, 24/7 access to your tax returns (see below for details)
         -A professional copy of your tax return for your files
         -Expertise. Peace of mind. You can expect this from your Frank Akef & Co. tax advisor

Online Access

All our clients get online access to the financial data we prepare at no additional cost. Through a secure portal on our website, you get 24/7 access to your data. Imagine you need a copy of your financial statement and tax return for the bank--with a username and password, log-in from anywhere and e-mail a copy directly to your banker. We are your digital file cabinet.  ACCESS PORTAL HERE

Personal & Business Financial Planning

What is the key element of any successful venture? 


At Frank Akef & Co., we can assist you with the entire financial operation of your business or personal ventures.

We will prepare an accurate and detailed budget to help you plan your income and your expenses exactly.

We will take your budget and project it out into the future, for whatever time frame you need.

We use our knowledge of business and tax issues to advise you when it is the right time to make your financial decisions, and how to implement your financial plans.

Estate Planning

Are you in control of what will happen to your assets when you are gone?

Do you want to preserve your assets and designate what will happen to them?

At Frank Akef & Co., we can analyze your situation in regards to Estate Planning; and by using our service now, you may save thousands of dollars in the future.

Our staff is highly trained to assist you with the setup of your Family Trust, maintenance of your Family Limited Partnerships, or general consulting on how to lower your potential Estate Tax.

We are familiar with tools such as Bypass Trusts, Grantor Trusts, and Charitable Remainder Trusts which will give you the control over the disposition of your assets, and the security that your family will get what you have worked for.

The laws affecting Estate Taxes are changing in the coming years, and Frank Akef & Co. is right on top of the latest changes. Call us today for an Estate Planning checkup.

Forensic Accounting

When you need the detailed analysis of your business finances, Frank Akef & Co. are your one-stop consultants.

When you are buying or selling a business, have litigation that needs to be cleared up, a marriage separation, or just want to know that everything is right with your business, you need to know the details.

Forensic Accounting uses investigative techniques, similar to a detective, to intuitively find the truth about financial issues. We will analyze and investigate any aspect of your finances and give you the answers that you need to know, whether that be an analysis of your cash flow, or a full valuation of your business or personal assets.

We use our knowledge and experience to get right to the heart of any financial issue.

Acceptance Agent

Frank Akef & Co. takes part in the IRS sponsored Acceptance Agent program, and can be a one-stop location for acquiring an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Foreign Nationals, and other persons not qualified for a Social Security Number, may apply for an ITIN with the IRS. This number is used for tax filings, and qualification for one nullifies the need for a payor of interest, dividends, or other investment income, to perform backup withholding. Part of the process in obtaining an ITIN is certification of your foreign identification documents, which may only be done by a person authorized by the IRS. Frank Akef & Co. has a Certified Acceptance Agent on staff to assist you with all your needs for acquiring your ITIN for tax purposes.

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Integrated Solutions

While we provide expert service in accounting, payroll, tax, technology, and financial planning, it is through the integration of these services that we make the biggest impact on businesses.

Different companies have different strengths and needs. In the past, business owners had no choice but to search for one expert in finance, another for accounting, and yet another for technology. Often, those with expertise in one field did not have a view of the whole business.

That is our strength. We sit down with business owners and staff to inventory the organization's strengths and challenges and develop a plan that integrates finance, accounting, and technology.

Our professionals are familiar with all the small business accounting programs that are in use today, including Quickbooks, Netsuite, and Peachtree. This means that we can work with your system to optimize the effectiveness of your business.

You no longer have to patch together a support network for your company.

We are that network. Turn to us.